Human Prayer

© 2016 Pierce Turner from the album Love Can’t Always Be Articulate

And so you want to buy our mother
But I can’t sell where we come from
How can you buy or sell the sky
The sandy shore and every meadow
The body heat of every pony
All belong to the same family

The shining streams and rivers flowing
Are the blood that runs right through our veins
Ghost reflections in the water
Remind us of our father’s father
The waters murmur words of wisdom
Learned from tales that our mothers dreamed

Your God is my God too
Belonging to me and you
But you want to buy the time
And draw a dividing line

What will happen when you’ve bought us
Killed the animal stained the waters
And scent of men fill every glen
Illuminating private corners
Fires cross the rolling hillsides
The end of living
Survival begins

This we know to be true
It don’t belong to you
It don’t belong to us
We belong to it