Love Can’t Always Be Articulate

Love Can’t Always Be Articulate is my new album. It’s now available and you can order it HERE. You can read the lyrics HERE. I’m really grateful to everyone who got behind the Pledge Music campaign and helped to make it happen.

You can listen to excerpts from the new album here:

From the liner notes:
We recorded this album in the Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran church. Sometimes we were there until 2 in the morning. Roman Klun set up his recording equipment around the corner in the half-light by the side of the organ pipes.  We were in the loft of the 150 year-old church looking down at the altar and pews bathed in a golden hue from the walled candelabras and overhead chandeliers. Sometimes I sat on a chair with the guitar and sang out to the empty chapel, where Roman had placed a microphone on opposing sides so as to capture the natural reverb of the beautiful acoustics. Other times I sat up on the high stool of the organ with my back to it all and sang into a microphone suspended beneath the massive pipes, or at the grand piano seated in profile to the organ. Some songs went easy and some took several hours, one day we were there for 6 hours and got nothing of use. Sometimes we were in the middle of a perfect take and a siren would come wailing from a police car or a racing fire engine out on the street. Unlike a recording studio, this was not a controlled environment; there was no sound-proofing, no studio trickery or fall-back. If I made a mistake, we had to start again. It was well worth it, the result is something that lives and breathes on its own.

I hope you hear what we hear. Close the door, turn off the phone and down the light – imagine us in the golden hue of this very beautiful church.