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  1. Brooklyn was really good,emotional and the best of acting.Reality always shines through. Curracloe looked well ,hard to believe tom hanks was fighting beach wars there a few years before.Saoirse ronans sister in the film is buried in crosstown cemetery at the back of my house,the dead centre of my world. Colm tobin is a fabulous writer.quite like john mcgahern who had the privaliege of teaching me in dublin in the sixties.I jest…….anyway loved the film,love wexford and coloured sun himself pierce turner is quare good too. As dave allen used to say,may your god go with you…..whovever that is…keep laughig phil

  2. I didn’t even get to mention that Phil, about Saving Private Ryan being shot in Curracloe. Glad you liked Brooklyn, have to go now that I know her sister is buried with may parents in Crosstown. Love from the big smoke, Pierce

  3. I loved the movie Brooklyn and now want to read the movie. Fine acting, particularly Saoirse Ronan whose character grew so magnificently over the course of the film.
    Also love the old photo of Pierce and Larry in their shaggy daze!

  4. I mean I wanna read the novel, of course! And catch Saoirse’s earlier films and Toibin’s earlier writings, perhaps while quaffing a few pints and listening to music by Pierce Turner, Larry Kirwan and such fine musicians! By the way, I thought the sound track was brilliant in Brooklyn, applying specifically Irish music carefully and to strongest effect –when the man started singing in Irish.

    1. Oh we all knew you meant Novel Bill-don’t worry-I read some of my posts and can’t believe the misspelling. As for the music, it would’ve been nice if the producers/Director had looked at the Wexford musicians. Irish movies about Dublin-Cork-Galway etc tend to use music from the the West-Clare etc, which is great stuff-but this was a rarity-set partly in Wexford-Larry and I were pioneers of giving profile to the Wexford diaspora-I can’t imagine something like “How it Shone” being out of place for instance, Colm wouldn’t have much say perhaps. It would be a huge leg up, and maybe, just maybe Colm might not have connected to N.Y.but for 2 young Wexfordians coming here without an arse in their pants or a relative to stay with.

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