Encore at The Church Of Dudes Oct 21st

“It’s come to the end of the season; everyone’s brooding or teething”

This is a line from You Are Leaving, a so-far unheralded track from Love Can’t Always Be Articulate. It’s a favourite of mine: of course it may be favoured by others out there too, sometimes no one speaks out loud, sometimes a song can quietly hum beneath the surface and it’s preferred to keep it there (I had no idea that people liked Drumsna from Boy To Be With until I had several requests for the lyrics during the Pledge campaign). But the real litmus test for a song is when I have to sing it repeatedly. If the song has an Achilles heel, it soon buckles after a couple of renditions before an audience. I sang You Are Leaving with Zach Dean, the church organist at the Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran, and once again I found it moving as I sang it out over the empty church.  Zach added something new to it with his command of the organ, it was clear that he has a rock sensibility.

I have now sung these new songs in churches and clubs and even at the Irish Consulate in front of dignitaries, and there is no sign of fatigue. No sign of the world at large knowing about them either though. That’s just the way it is, they are yours and mine alone: can that be enough? Why the hell not! Van Gogh only had one fan, his brother Theo, but were those paintings diminished by the absence of notoriety? No! Of course if the world knew that he had cut off his ear, they would’ve been more interested while he was alive, “Clare, pass me the bread knife”

I do have one on him though, I can perform, and I love to sing to people, and the performances at these churches have been amazing to take part in, cool places, run by cool dudes. There are a bunch more special shows coming up too.

Starting October 21st at the Gustavus Adolphus Church where the album was recorded, this is an encore of the performance we had there earlier this year (some extra songs though) for the launch of Love Can’t Always Be Articulate – we raised $3000 for the repair of the stained glass window the last time, the window is now in place, we will help pay the enormous bill with this show also, and you will get to see how beautiful it is. The ensemble backing me up will be all these amazing people:

  • Fred Parcells on T-Bone and vocals,
  • Kath Green and Andriette Redmann on vocals, bass and percussion
  • John Rokosny on acoustic guitar
  • Mark Brotter on drums
  • Zach Dean – the house organist – on piano and pipe organ.

Tickets available now here – what more can you ask for? This involves a huge amount of rehearsal and organisation, please spread the word and let’s fill that incredible space – wine and food in the basement afterwards. Maybe you will sing this time?

Then to Ireland, the first 2 shows there will be private, and then on Nov 25th 2016 we – me and the Irish Ensemble – will encore at the lovely Dublin Unitarian Church in the heart of Stephen’s Green. Tickets available here. Then to my home town on Dec 3rd at the St Iberius Church on the Wexford Main St – where last time, the whole gang stood outside arm in arm and sang “Faith Of Our Fathers” incredibly touching for me.  People came from Cork, New York, Gortahork, Kerry, Mayo and Glenamaddy. I love singing in these churches.  Tickets for that show are available here. And if I can’t find a church, give me intimacy, nowhere is more so than Coughlans in Cork city, that will be on Thursday Dec 8th, tickets available here.

Dec 12th will be my return to Limerick through the back door so to speak, it’s an invitation only gig at a hotel called 1 Pery Square. For tickets you should contact Tom at tpprendergast@yahoo.com and say I sent you. There are a couple more private gigs and then in 2017 I will be in Glasgow for the first time in decades, why I haven’t been there is a mystery, it always went down a storm there. This is a big one though, and maybe the romance will re-ignite.  The exact date is not set, but it will be at the Tron Theatre as part of Celtic Connections Festival during the weekend of Jan 20th to 23rd – keep an eye out here.

I think that’s enough for now, as always I am in your hands, without you I am toast.
Love Pierce xxxxstained-glass-window

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  • The Uhaul will be packed to the ceiling! Busy winter ahead. Look forward to Dublin event.

  • I’m trying to be a planner Mary, something I’ve never really been. Hope you are settling in to your new house. See you in Ireland Px

  • Great news about the Glasgow gig , looking forward to it already . Celtic Connections is a great festival and it’ll be one of the highlights. See you there .

    • Thanks Alex, I’m really looking forward to it, it’s been way too long, any requests?

      • To be honest Pierce , I’m just looking forward to seeing you live and hearing Wicklow Hills and You Can Never Know live for the first time . I’ll have to be giving Love Can’t Always Be Articulate a few more listens so I can sing along with the new stuff though .

        • That’s great Alex, I would say those songs are often included. Thanks Pierce.

          • Just realised that I was being a wee bit presumptuous there – I suppose then that the two songs I mentioned would be my requests ! Anyway , good luck with the upcoming shows and I’ll see you at the Tron .

  • The ceiling looks amazing! Looking forward to the show on Oct 21st

  • Due to an oversight, we forgot to leave our contribution for the Albums we picked up at your brilliant concert in the Unitarian Church last week, how can we get the monies to you? do you have an address in Ireland to which we can send a cheque?
    Best of luck with your terrific new Album

    • Hi Ann, thanks for your honesty, many people thought that we would get ripped off with this method. I know better about the people who come to my shows, as my back up singer Paula said, after her first experience “they are beautiful” I agree.
      You can send the cheque to pierce Turner 12 Davitt Rd South Wexford town, payable to me. Thanks again, so glad you liked the gig, merry Christmas to you and your family. PIerce x

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