“Steven’s Preparing To leave” PT 2

11 thoughts on ““Steven’s Preparing To leave” PT 2”

  1. Very evocative generating out of focus but warmly familiar memories of life in another time that housed a humanity of simple values, thoughts and deeds.

  2. Great story, well told Pierce. Loved your Dad’s intervention. Would really like to know who Tom was and his story. ….
    I had forgotten how cold our houses were without central heating, and the speed needed to dress before you froze on the spot.
    Great description of the activities on the Quay.
    Look forward to next week’s story.

    1. Glad you like it Mary, We’ll have to guess Tom’s story, in truth, we all knew a Tom. We had a hardy childhood, did us no harm did it M? px

  3. So enjoyable. Ticks off the boxes for me as I like journeys into the past and the simple ways. As we grow older we appreciate more the people who cared for us and left us with lovely memories.

  4. the sooner you get your wexford boy story collection out, the sooner you can read the audio book version for us. great stuff!

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