Steven’s Preparing To leave

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  1. Ah Pierce I really want to know the rest of this storey. Who was that Tom guy? Don’t forget , or delay Part 2 next week….

  2. Enjoyrd the story and more to come.lovely reflections on you listening to the bbc.i remember the archers, round the horn.toy hancock and the top 20 on sun night on Luxemburg,the no 1 coming on at midnight. Your house seems like Clapham junction, my mother from tipp would have said .visitors or even family are like fish,they go off after 3 days! will await more on tom, keep laughing and writing.

  3. Yeah Phil, it’s all a bit of a haze now really. I’m sure it wasn’t as good as it remembers. But the house was like Clapham Junction, or Grand Central as they say in the US. 3 Days? Jesus we had people for 3 years sometimes. The telephonists were the best-great stories from those switchboards!

  4. Wonderful slice of life in 1960s Ireland.Childhood to adulthood and all the mystery and unanswered questions in-between. Hope we don’t have to wait too long for part two.Where is that book Pierce???

    1. Thanks Joe, I thought i’d apprentice myself by blog before I produce a book. Can’t afford to have books under the beds with the CD’s.

  5. I’ve just read this on the train to Grand Central. So vivid. I thought about seeing the house from the bridge with the flowing river, or a train ride to the ferry and onward to Wales.

    I found the map app on my device, and as I attempted to zoom in to Wexford, we arrived at the tunnels where there’s no cell service. Off to work now. I’ll revisit this during part 2.

    1. A great reminder Lori of the breadth we have at our finger tips. Phil (above) talks about our house seeming like Clapham Junction, you are reading it in Grand Central Station. Thank you for your observations. Px

  6. I see at least three new songs in this piece, one GREAT album tile (Warming My Bed, or Warming My Bed With My Own Shiver), one absolutely top-notch stream-of-consciousness monologue (as you fall asleep in your bed), and two clear and insight-rich portraits of your folks. What you observed and described in your Mom was not only touching, but a reminder to all parents that their kids learn from observing their parents in action, whether it’s running a small business or the way they handle themselves in day-to-day encounters with others. Brilliant, P.

    1. As always Mark, so great to hear your thoughts. Maybe there is a performance piece in there? who knows. But all this interaction has got to lead to something!

  7. Really enjoyed that. I wanted to keep on reading. There’s so much waffle floating around the internet, It’s refreshing to come across a gem. Looking forward to part 2.

    1. Of course the back of beyond has wi fi now Kevin. Bring on any fellowship please. People certainly want to know more about Tom.

  8. This is beautiful, Pierce. I can hear your ‘never miss a meal’ mother’s voice in there, even though I’ve never met her. Captivating.

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